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Sometimes, I can’t believe I’m still working “on my own” as a self-employed person. That I’m STILL growing and changing and pivoting my business.

Sometimes, I can’t believe I’m still working “on my own” as a self-employed person after seven years in business.

I know, it’s because I haven’t, actually been “on my own”, at all…

I’ve had the incredible support of a (growing!) community of artists, creators, helpers, and healers—of all sorts—who’re making and sharing awesome things in & for their worlds. Plus a consistent handful of recurring corporate and photography clients as well.

I’d like to take a moment and a bit o’ blog space to express my heartfelt gratitude to JUST a few my incredible clients—friends and family—whose amazing projects have been such a gift to me in my first seven (7!!!) years of self-employment.

Nothing is created in a bubble, and as much as I like to feel like a lone wolf in my work—there’s no way I would still be here as a business without the connections I’ve created and cultivated over the years.

I haven’t done ANYTHING “alone” as a “soloprenuer”.

I’d love for you to click through and explore some my friends & their work:


Jen Cunnings

Jen is an amazing conduit for creative energy and a glowing guide for others on a spiritual path. Jen has a special gift for helping empaths re-align with their soul’s truth so they can follow a path of love, service, abundance, and joy.


Katherine Galligan

Katherine is a warm igniter of change and a kind, wise source and resource for personal transformation. Katherine and her work can help you heal—body, mind, spirit, and home.


Jake & Alesia Sigler

Sigler Investment Group

Vivere Residential is paving the way in a new housing era by developing amenity-rich communities of professionally managed single-family homes for rent. Vivere builds thoughtfully designed one-, two- and three-bedroom homes with spacious floor plans and high-end finishes.


Abra Barker

An absolute POWERHOUSE team of women bosses, led by one of the bossest BOSSES I know. Check out what Abra’s building at AbraCadabra Realty Group—especially you’re looking to buy or sell a home in the DFW area!




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Aaron Embrey
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